Bassoon reeds

The bassoon reeds are manufactured from wood supplied from Georg Rieger and Reeds'n Stuff.

Bassoon reeds are supplied in the following shapes:
Georg Rieger:
Bassoon: 1, 1a og 2

Reeds'n Stuff:
Bassoon: R1 og R2

Reeds are delievered in either hard, medium or soft.

As an option the reed can be tip profiled ready for use. It must be anticipated that adjustments might be needed to fit the reed to suit the individual user.

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Reed boxes

Reed boxes are manufactured of beech wood.

The boxes are delievered in the following sizes:
Bassoon: 9 reeds & 5 reedsr
Contrabassoon: 3 reeds & 5 reeds

Other wood species may be ordered. A prolonged delivery time and a higher cost must be anticipated for this. Please, contact for further information.

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